ICSM is a private company, founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2013. With a strong global presence and relationships in Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe and South East Asia, we are able to cover most major commodity flows.

  • ICSM’s goal is to establish as a global player in the commodities industry and provide our customers across the world the best access to materials and products at the most competitive prices
  • In our oil business we focus on creating long-term value by developing a diverse combination of trading, marketing, bunkering, shipping and terminal activities
  • ICSM is an independent, global commodity company with a fully integrated vision. Our core business is the global infrastructure and commodity trading, with integrated participations in performance across industry supply chain from shipping, mining, production, processing, infrastructure, and distribution to consulting services
  • Following a change of ownership in mid-2017, ICSM has significantly expanded its core scope into a variety of new products, geographies and industry segments