1. General

ICSM Group (ICSM) is ultimately owned by the family of Mr. Robert Pixa through a Dutch holding, ICSM Holding Cooperatief U.A. –Maastricht

ICSM’s trading activities are based in Geneva (Switzerland), being ICSM Trading SA the major operative company

ICSM Trading SA (ICSM) is a limited liability company
ICSM Trading branch in Milano is active in the midstream and retail activities in Italy

ICSM has a strong presence in Spain, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Marbella, and storage facilities in the port of Malaga

In the Middle East the Group is present through ICSM Middle East (Dubai) since 2015, and has recently expanded through JVs with strong local partners in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi

ICSM has also presence in South Africa through ICSM Midstream and Trading Africa

2. Legal / Tax

Legal record:
ICSM Trading SA, formerly named Cadoil Trading SA, can confirm that there are no previous, ongoing or expected legal disputes or arbitration cases pending that would impact the Company’s capabilities

Tax record:
ICSM Trading SA is subject to taxes in Switzerland. The company has no tax liabilities that would impact its capability of conducting its worldwide activities

3. Financial

ICSM Trading SA manages the group bank facilities and the group liquidity through a centralized cash pooling system
The group is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers >

4. Previous work record

Since its inception, the company has moved large volumes of oil products and is registered with all major companies active in the industry ICSM has extensive experience in planning, structuring and management of complex trading and distribution networks. The concept adopted is based on close cooperation with leading world class International and National Oil and Gas Companies combined with extensive understanding of international and local markets

ICSM Group takes pride in fulfilling contracts and work obligations. There are no disputes with any countries or clients where ICSM has been operating

ICSM is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees and protecting the environment by actively monitoring and continually improving performance, HSE and business processes